Explore Shingle Colors by Owens Corning

Welcome to our curated selection of Owens Corning shingle colors – where durability meets design. At Roofs 101 Inc., we understand that the right shingle color can transform the aesthetic of your home. That’s why we partner with Owens Corning, a leader in roofing solutions, to offer you a palette of colors that not only enhance your home’s curb appeal but also provide unparalleled protection.

With Owens Corning shingles, you’re not just choosing a color; you’re selecting a legacy of quality. These shingles are crafted to capture the vibrant hues and subtle shades of nature, ensuring a perfect match for any home style. From the deep, rich tones that command attention to the light, reflective colors that can help reduce your cooling costs, there’s a shade for every preference.

Owens Corning’s commitment to excellence is evident in every shingle. Their patented SureNail Technology offers a breakthrough in roofing, with a unique strip that enhances the grip of each shingle for a strong, durable seal. So, when you choose one of their shingle colors, you’re also choosing peace of mind, knowing your home is covered for years to come.

Explore our range of Owens Corning shingle colors and envision the possibilities for your home. Whether you’re looking to replicate the natural beauty of slate or the rustic charm of wood shake, there’s an Owens Corning shingle ready to elevate your home’s exterior.

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